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Gwendolyn Foster "Women who made the movies" 1992

Gwendolyn Foster "Women who made the movies" 1992
The carreers and films of such pioneer woman like Alice Guy Blache, Ida Lupino ...

Gwendolyn Audrey Foster holds the rank of Professor in the Department of English, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, specializing in Film Studies, Cultural Studies, and Postfeminist Critical Theory. Since 1999, Foster has been the Editor-in-Chief of Quarterly Review of Film and Video. QRFV is an interdisciplinary and internationally recognized academic journal of visual studies, film studies and cultural studies.

Her documentary WOMEN WHO MADE THE MOVIES is in the permanent collections of Barnard College, George Mason University, The University of Washington, and New York University.

Dr. Foster's awards and fellowships include a Research Fellowship, UNL Research Council, for the project "The Films of Alice Guy Blach�," involving travel to film archives in New Zealand and Amsterdam to view rare film prints of the films of Alice Guy Blach�, 1999; and the prestigious National Emerging Scholar Award, American Association of University Women, 1998, for teaching, research, and the mentoring of women students.

In the Winter of 1997, Dr. Foster delivered a lecture at The Museum of Modern Art in New York on the films of Barbara Hammer, in conjunction with a screening of Hammer's work, and presented a paper on the work of filmmaker Safi Faye at the 1997 MLA National Convention in Washington, DC. Most recently, she has conducted an interview with Trinh T. Minh-ha which recently appeared in the journal Film Criticism.

Recipient of a Rockefeller Foundation Grant for Performance Art, Gwendolyn Foster also served as a judge for final selections of The Southwest Alternate Media Project Independent Production Fellowship Funds of the National Endowment for the Arts, July 29-31, 1993, in Houston, TX, and was a Juror for 16th Annual Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Student Film Awards. (12/07)

Women Who Made the Movies
A film by Gwendolyn Foster and Wheeler Dixon, 1992, 55 min., Color/BW
WOMEN WHO MADE THE MOVIES traces the careers and films of such pioneer women filmmakers as Alice Guy Blach�, Ruth Ann Baldwin, Ida Lupino, Leni Riefen...

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